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We can help you to overcome problems & change your life using scientifically proven applied psychology programmes.

Hello, and welcome to TranceForm Psychology Services based in Wombourne near Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.

TranceForm has been helping people to beat problems, overcome obstacles and change their lives using applied psychology and psychotherapy since 2009 and incorporates the private practices of Paul Lee, Joan Lee and Dr. Justina Somal.

If you want to make significant and lasting changes to your current life circumstances, then come along and have a completely FREE chat with us about our range of Psychology Services at our offices in Wombourne, South Staffordshire near Wolverhampton.

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Applied Psychology Can Help YOU To Improve….


Your Self-Esteem


Your Resilience


Your Coping Skills


Your Personal Insight

How Psychology & Psychotherapy Works


TranceForm offer a range of research based psychology training programmes for helping a person identify and change limiting beliefs, self-limiting paradigms and unhelpful thinking styles.

By understanding how your belief systems lead directly to a range of negative feelings, emotions and perceptions you will learn how to make practical and fundamental shifts that transform your experience!


Typically requiring 8 to 10 sessions, you will follow a structured programme of practical & mental psychology exercises that will allow you to make transformational changes at the most fundamental level. Utilising proven psychological tools and techniques you will quickly and permanently change your limiting beliefs into empowering new concepts and ideas leading to greater fulfilment, happiness & success.


When you learn to manage your thinking more effectively you will develop a greater sense of enjoyment, improve your ability to cope and bounce back from adversity, be happier, enjoy life’s challenges and so much more

Why not join the thousands of people who have already overcome problems and changed their own lives by using applied psychology based therapies.

  • Create a More Internal Sense of Control 85%
  • Improve Self-Esteem 90%
  • Reduce Social Anxiety 5%
  • Enjoy Life More 100%
  • Eliminate Unhelpful Thinking 10%

What Our Clients Say

Mr. Paul - IT Consultant - Depression

Wow, What a journey! I am a new improved person. I love myself and my life. Thanks Paul I cannot put it into words on how Grateful I am, and my Wife and Kids are now happier as they have a better person in their life.

Claire - Financial Advisor - Anxiety

I cannot recommend Paul & TranceForm enough, he is a person who keeps you focused throughout and believes that you will learn how to Thrive. I am so happy to say that I AM Thriving and making a difference to how I want to lead my life. What can I say, thank you for everything!


Rachel - Drugs Counsellor - Fear of Vomit

If you have any phobia which is consuming your life like Emetophobia was for me then I would 100% recommend TranceForm & Thrive to you. Having been through different types of therapy through most of my adult life its nice to know I can finally stop searching. I am eternally grateful to Paul for his support and guidance and so proud of myself for how far I have come today.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's at tranceform psychology wolverhampton
What kind of problems can TranceForm help?

If your problem can be described as “psychological”, then we can almost certainly help you to solve that problem.

This includes problems such as:

By the way, we offer a FREE initial consultation to all prospective clients.

How much does a course of therapy cost?

Every person has unique problems and difficulties and so the amount of help you might need also varies.

The majority of problems can be resolved in 8 – 12 sessions, although pervasive problems can often require more intensive work and so for this reason we do not offer single sessions of therapy.

As a guide, clients following a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or the Thrive Programme can expect 10 sessions over 10 weeks which costs £800 – we do offer PayPal instalment plans for those who require it.

Transformational therapies such as Psychoanalysis may require 20 or more sessions.

See our Fees for all of our interventions.

How effective is Appied Psychology?

The starting point to solving any kind of psychological problem is the desire to solve it in the first place!

Overcoming problems will involve you taking responsibility for the obstacles or problems in your life and learning the tools and techniques to overcome them.

If you are prepared to put in 100% effort and are highly motivated to succeed, then you can be successful.

Talking therapies are highly effective and often a more desirable solution than drug therapy.

Read what our clients say about working with us here.

Practical Applications

Psychology & Psychotherapy isn’t just about overcoming problems; it’s also incredibly useful for developing a range of psychological skills and practical tools that can help you in life as well as in business.

Ultimately, everything we do is governed by our belief systems, whether they limit us or they empower us, so why not learn how to change them to your advantage!

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Psychology 4 Life

At some point in our lives most of us will face difficulties and problems that seem difficult to overcome. By managing your thinking more effectively you can pick yourself up and eradicate problems forever.

business psychology wolverhampton

Psychology 4 Business

Passed-over for that promotion? Have you turned down a management job because it involves making presentations? No matter what aspect of your business life needs improving TranceForm can help.

FREE Initial Consultations

free initial consultations for psychology wolverhampton

We offer all prospective clients a FREE initial consultation to chat about their problems or personal development aims.

During this 50 minute consultation we will discuss the various options that are available to you and make a considered recommendation based on your individual personal circumstances.

At TranceForm we believe that psychology & counselling should be a collaboration between therapist and client so it’s very important to be able to meet PRIOR to agreeing any kind of help.

Our policy is to help people make a fully balanced & considered decision about undertaking therapy with us, including both the financial and personal implications.

Find Out More

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how TranceForm could help you to achieve your goals and aspirations or overcome problems. We offer ALL prospective clients a FREE initial consultation to discuss all the options available to you.

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